Not wishing to continue the Karioitahi debate I am somewhat surprised that the Geographical Board N.Z. or the local Kaumatua were not asked to explain.
As a resident in the area for over 50 years, I was told on arrival to the District that the name came from the Maori as the highest point of the road to the beach was ‘the point from where to view Mount Kariori ‘  (in Raglan). This proved correct, as on a clear day it is also possible to see Mt Egmont (If you look over the sea in the correct direction).
This geographic bearing made sense as numerous Maori over many generations trekked from the Waikato to the Manukau Harbour, and the west coast of the Awhitu Peninsula in search of fish and shell fish, and is evidenced by midens within the sand dunes.
Perhaps this explains Maori history and European misunderstanding.
Judith A. Hull Q.S.M.Waiuku
Editor’s note: In Bill Deed’s article on the subject, local Kaumatua George Flavell did give his opinion on the name. He also gave a few other names synonymous with the area. Please refer to our issue Tuesday 18 April, page 10.