Hook, line and mako
On 24 February Rob Prescott (skipper) was snapper fishing in his boat Waipipi off the west coast with friends Laurie Maber and Rob Slack. A mako shark leapt out of the water in front of them on the right side of the boat. It did the same on the left side then Rob Slack seeing something out of the corner of his eye rushed from his spot by the windscreen as the mako, on a third jump, cleared the windscreen and landed on the floor of the boat. At this point Rob Prescott realised the shark was attached to his line. The mako, measuring 1.7metres long and weighing 46 kgs was quickly despatched before it started eating the inside of the boat.

Photo: left to right: Rob Slack, Laurie Maber, Rob Prescott
Background information:-
There was no pull on the line so they had no idea whose line it was on.
The mako was probably stunned which is why it did not react immediately though it was dealt with without delay.