Local company backs charity fundraiser for Mental Health
A Waiuku based business, Radix Nutrition is backing an explorer who is about to tackle the highest mountain peak in North America, while raising awareness for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.
The team at Radix are pleased to be backing Dave on his quest of tackling Mount Denali in Alaska. This will be his fifth summit on a list of seven that he aims to complete.
Radix will be providing all his meals which are lightweight and able to be pulled on his sled. "With snow and a stove, I can eat a well-balanced, hot meal in less than fifteen minutes. Nutrient-dense fruit and nut-based breakfasts only need cold water; being able to snack on quality food anytime is fantastic." says Dave who regards Radix as a game-changer allowing him to carry the equivalent of 50kg of food.
"Dave Williams is taking on a ground-breaking adventure challenge and Radix are very happy to support him. Not only does he recognise the importance of high-quality nutrition while pushing the body to extremes, he also recognises the link between eating balanced whole-foods and good mental health. Since Dave is raising awareness and money for Mental Health New Zealand, it seemed a great fit for Radix to provide all his meals for Sea2Summit7," said Mike Rudling, Chief Executive Officer at Radix Nutrition.
To follow Dave's journey, visit www.sea2summit7.com