Liz’s selfless gesture
When Liz Alexander’s customers heard she was taking a break from her business for six weeks, they didn’t realise she was not on holiday.

Instead, Liz is donating a kidney to a complete stranger.

The Onewhero resident is well known for her roadside cart, Pancakes are Delicious, which sees her based outside the Tuakau Pony Club every morning. The scrumptious business is going to take a break for six weeks until Liz has recovered from her operation, which takes place later this week.

“There were a couple of tears shed last Friday, but all of my customers and clients have been so supportive. I really am blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. I am really going to miss chatting to them and hearing their stories!”

Her journey began six months ago, after watching a television programme, Good Sorts. It was there that they showcased a New Zealand woman, and her process on how she wanted to donate a kidney.

“I turned and looked at my husband, Vincent, and said ‘that is what I am going to do, that is my calling.’ This is the right thing for me to do, and I feel so blessed that I can.”

Liz and Vincent were unable to have children, and Liz sees donating her kidney to a complete stranger as a way to on her legacy. She also appreciates the opportunity to help someone else.

“I have named my kidneys, Lily and Gracey, and by the grace of God, Gracey will be going to a wonderful home and is going to help that person live their life. My husband, friends and family have been so supportive, I really am thankful.”

The last six months has seen Liz undergo many tests to ensure that she is the right candidate to donate. She has since been told by specialists that she is ‘110 percent healthy’.

“I have been poked and prodded, but the slight discomfort is totally worth it, especially when my kidney will be changing somebody’s life.”

Over the last couple of months, Liz has also been researching other people’s journeys, and has been in contact with the lady who first inspired her.

“We have developed a friendship, which I really hope is going to last a lifetime. We are meeting up for lunch this week.”

Friday 21 April was Liz’s last day with her cart, and all the proceeds from her coffee and pancake sales were donated to the New Zealand Kidney Health foundation.

With the topic of being a donor being highlighted in the public arena recently, Liz encourages people to have that discussion with their families.

“You need to ask the question, and make sure that all of your family are happy with it. A disagreement can stop you from donating your organs. If they are not happy with you being a donor that makes a huge difference. It is a very important discussion that needs to be had.”

The team at the Post Newspaper would like to wish Liz the best of luck for her operation, and a speedy recovery!

Liz Alexander is donating her kidney, ‘Gracey’, to a complete stranger.