Upgrades continue to Southern Corridor
March has seen a bout of wet weather, however progress is being made to the Southern Corridor upgrades. 
The Southern Corridor improvements team, throughout March, have completed the additional southbound lane from the Hill Road off-ramp to the Takanini off-ramp, and between the Takanini on-ramp and Pahurehure Inlet. 
At Takanini, temporary lane changes southbound enabled the establishment of a safe work zone for bridge works over Papakura Stream. By breaking the concrete edge of the old bridge, the area was ready for concrete to be poured and the old and new bridges were connected together.
Temporary traffic management northbound was installed from the Papakura Interchange to Pahurehure Inlet. With narrowed lanes and an 80kph reduced speed limit established both northbound and southbound, the work zone has been extended to accommodate safe works in the median.
Final works along the additional third southbound lane will be complete before it opens to traffic later this month. On SH1 southbound, the additional lane will run from the Hill Road off-ramp to the Takanini off-ramp, and between the Takanini on-ramp and 300m north of the Pahurehure Inlet. Reduced speed limits and narrowed lanes will remain in place while works are completed along the shoulders and at the Takanini Interchange.
The new Takanini southbound off-ramp was connected to the existing bridge on the 1 April. For this to take place, a 12 hour southbound motorway closure was necessary to allow the poured concrete to cure and gain sufficient strength and avoid vibration from passing vehicles.
Orams Road Bridge will be closed to all traffic from Saturday 22 April until October 2017. The eastern span of the bridge needs to be demolished and a longer span constructedin order to widen the SH1 southbound carriageway for an additional fourth lane from SH20 to Hill Road. 
The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport are also trialling a new radio service for six months, aimed at better informing motorists on the move. This can be found on 102.2 OnRoute FM. 
Box cut in the median at Alfriston Road Bridge looking south. The previously grassed median has been excavated and new materials have been compacted, prior to asphalting
New noise wall panels and subsoil works preparing the southbound lanes for asphalting. Asphalting is now almost complete. This is one of the last activities required before opening the new additional (third) lane from Hill Road to the Takanini southbound off-ramp and from the Takanini southbound on-ramp to Pahurehure Inlet.
At the start of April, the new Takanini southbound off-ramp was connected to the existing southbound bridge. On the northern side of the motorway, works have begun in Fergusson Reserve to prepare for the new Takanini northbound on-ramp.
A major milestone for the team in March was the completion of the retaining wall along the new southbound off-ramp at the Takanini Interchange, over the rail carriageway.
The new southbound off-ramp at Takanini Interchange will be open to traffic towards the end of April.
Orams Road Bridge will be closed for five months from 22 April until October 2017, in order to demolish the eastern span and construct a longer bridge deck to accommodate four southbound motorway lanes.
Traffic management was installed southbound and northbound between Papakura Interchange and Pahurehure Inlet to enable earthworks to begin in the median.
With narrowed lanes, there is less time to react to other vehicles and it is important that motorists keep to the 80 km/h speed limit past our work areas. There will be ongoing truck and construction vehicle movements accessing the shoulder and the median work sites. Keeping both motorists and our team members as safe as possible is imperative and we need everyone's help to do this.
As always, we will be doing our best to minimise effects of these works on motorists as much as we can. We thank you for your patience as we work to improve journey reliability and safety along the Southern Corridor.