Safety lessons from Coastguard
Swimming lessons for Waiuku Primary School pupils ended for the season with memorable aquatic safety lessons from local Coastguard volunteers. On Monday 2 April, Nigel Griffiths and Graham Boase demonstrated the use of rescue equipment and allowed children aboard one of their two rescue boats.  
The room four children really enjoyed the visit, with Kadee Brogan (5) saying "we liked them letting us go on the little rescue boat because it has a big step. It rescues people by getting a rope out and someone pulls the rope up." 
Ryder Hayward (5) said "I liked hopping in the boat with people. I like the way they spoke about the things in their special bag—lifejackets, a waterproof phone and a walky-talky. They save people when they drown in the water." 
Ruby-Kate Reid-Higgins (5) said "the boat goes in the water to rescue people in danger."
The visit was certainly a highlight of the week for the young students, with twelve of the 5-year-olds saying they would like to become Coastguard volunteers. 
Caption: Room 4 children from Waiuku Primary School on the Coastguard rescue boat with volunteers, Nigel Griffiths and Graham Boase.