800 Degrees Glass is opening up its fully equipped studio for public use under Susan K Louie’s guidance.
This initiative is part of Susan’s objective of bringing glass awareness to the region of Franklin. Weekend workshops are already in place and proven very popular. Susan says she has been busy working within the Franklin community to provide weekend workshops and undertaking projects through Auckland Creative Communities.
She has now opened up her studio for this new programme and also pleased to announce that this year’s Franklin Festival of Arts will have its separate glass exhibition as part of the Festival.
Artists will be guided through making wax models or clay models  after being taught how to use wax and clay to make forms, sculptures, 2D or 3D.
Normally, the instruction and demonstrations take around about one hour and, from then, course participants will start and continue to make their work, change it, work on it over the next eight sessions until it is resolved through one on one guidance.
Artists may be working with others in the studio, but Susan will always be there to assist you to develop your creativity and help you with your intentions. The open studio will include the use of wax for modelling (please note that the wax remains the property of 800 Degrees Glass).
In the following weeks, or sessions, artists will continue to develop your work or idea and resolve any technical issues which may come up and we will resolve those together with technical advice and considerations when casting with lead crystal.
Once you have completed your model in wax particularly, you will then have the option of casting this in glass. You will learn how to invest your model and steam it out and fill with glass and fire.
More information can be obtained by contacting Susan on 09 947 7664.