With Auckland’s transport problems now reaching crisis point with congestion throughout the day, every day and the public transport system fast reaching capacity, some ‘quick fix’ solutions are urgently needed.


Auckland needs to make use of what it currently has and start a new crosstown rail service from Pukekohe to Huapai via Newmarket using diesel locomotive hauled carriage trains which Auckland Transport own, along with building new stations and large park and rides at Drury and Kumeu.


There needs to be a program of building roundabouts at intersections wherever possible, and removing on-ramp traffic lights on motorways and installing tolling gantries on motorway on-ramps instead.


Focus needs to be made on developing the heavy rail network, such as building a heavy rail line from Puhinui to the Airport and to build rail-only tunnels under the Waitemata Harbour and converting the Northern Busway into a heavy rail line. 


Heavy rail has it’s own separate congestion free corridors and can move more people, more quickly, using less land space than any other transport mode, and by building rail-only tunnels and heavy rail to the North Shore, there would be reduced need for road tunnels, thus halving the cost the second harbour crossing project and potentially enabling a quicker start.


R Anderson