Glenbrook teachers lead learning
Six of Glenbrook School's teachers were celebrated for achieving their post-graduate qualifications last week.
The school held a special assembly for Mrs Heather Simnor, Mrs Kate Clarke, Miss Hannah Hubers, Mrs Robyn Driver and Miss Emma Sixsmith for graduating with a post-graduate in Digital Capabilities from Mindlab, Unitec. Ms Ally Davidson graduated with a post-graduate in Careers Education, and Ms Siobhan McKenna was also recognised for completion of her two years teaching registration.
Throughout the past year, Glenbrook School has been investing heavily in their teachers. 
“If you want exceptional student outcomes, you invest in your teachers and your vision,” says Principal Lysandra Stuart.
Nearly every teacher at Glenbrook School has either just graduated from postgraduate studies or is starting their studies. The teachers study at postgraduate level in teams, which allows for collegial support and a team approach.
The teachers have balanced their study load with a full time class and school duties.
"We have been resourceful, creative and innovative with how we support our teachers," says Lysandra. She says it has been about a growth mindset which has positioned them as a leading school. 
The collaborative learning and collective empowerment as learners is having a direct positive effect in how students are being taught in the classroom.
Learning as an action is a big focus at Glenbrook School. Learning that is visible for all students and teachers, so teachers and students have at times been learning together, learning to succeed from making mistakes and be innovative.
“It’s important to celebrate and model success with our students. I’m extremely proud of our teachers and it is a privilege to be working with educators who value academia and can understand the place it has as a leader and in the classroom", says Lysandra, who holds a Masters in Education with Honours and is a member of the International Honors Society herself.