Furrycon not for pets
Furrycon not for pets
In the US, a woman took her therapy dog to an event called Furrycon, thinking it was an event for pets. 
Cheryl Wassus is involved with an organisation called Pets for Vets, a charity that pairs dogs with soldiers. She thought the event was for animals when Pets for Vets was invited as Furrycons charity organisation,  she happily went along with Link, the dog. 
However on arrival, she realised Furrycon was a gathering for fans of fictional non-human characters with human characteristics. 
Despite the confusion, Cheryl learnt a lot about the event, and enjoyed herself, and Link, the one year old Bernese mountain dog had a great time. More than $10,000 was raised for Pets for Vets, a great outcome for a little misunderstanding. 
Caption: Link the dog, with his fellow furry friends