I know I have kept touching on the age topic quite a bit recently, but this is too good not to share.
While growing up I never had a fondness for cheese. Any smell and type reminded me of stink toe-jams (not mine of course!). I was always told that I would one day be mature enough to appreciate these things, and now I believe that day has arrived! Well, mature when it comes to cheeses anyway, as I can’t say the same for anything else.
 I am more or less in love with the dairy goodness and I jumped at the opportunity to catch up with Lyn Haycock last week. I heard all about her cheese making journey, and how she has recently scooped a national bronze award for her delish Camembert—yes, I was able to ‘sample’ the goods (more like smash back the whole block).
She even took me for a grand tour of her cheese room and, more importantly, the chiller.
There were lined rows of brie, cheddars, harvati and other arrays of cheeses that I couldn’t pronounce—it was just heaven.
With the passion glinting in her eyes, you could clearly see that Lyn was living her dream. She has given up her day job to follow her love of cheesemaking, and the happiness she exuded was very contagious!
I left feeling in awe of her, as well as being in some what of a cheese coma.
Remembering that metabolism isn’t as great that it use to be, and that I actually should not eat a whole block of cheese in one sitting, I have since rejoined at the gym. I also nearly blew out my hammy last Sunday playing football so am back on the ‘getting fit’ regime again.
Those who can remember my last experience there will find it amusing that the staff still recognise me as the girl who split her pants, going to the extent even of asking if I had done it again.
I’ll have you all know it was a fault in the stitching, and that it is one of my many life goals to make sure that it never happens again. So far, so good!