Police Patch – 11 April 2017

On Thursday afternoon there was a burglary at a local address. An alert person saw the vehicle leaving, took down the registration number and called Police immediately on 111.

At the time, Waiuku and Pukekohe units tried to locate the vehicle, however, the occupants of the vehicle knew they had been seen and went into hiding.

On Friday morning Waiuku Police and the Pukekohe Tactical Crime Unit executed a Search Warrant at a local address. Some of the property taken in the burglary was recovered and a 22 year old female was arrested for burglary and appeared in Court on Saturday morning. Further persons are to be spoken to regarding this, as she did not act alone.

Most burglaries are committed during day light hours, and most of us are familiar with the residents and vehicles from their street. If you see a vehicle or person at an address that you know doesn’t belong there, call us. Especially if you know no one is at the home or the occupants are at work – call 111 immediately.

Sometimes, we think there is crime and criminals everywhere, but just remember there are a small amount of people who are committing the majority of the crime around town.

In a town like Waiuku, we hear and know a lot about what people get up to.  If you are hearing about criminal activities, such as burglaries, you should call us or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

You don’t want to be come a victim of theses burglars so don’t ignore what you hear or know about them. You will get the community you tolerate.

Cheers, Woody