Class of 1941 reunite
The Standard Two Class of 1941 from Pukekohe Primary School have held a reunion every year since 1973. 
At the time of of the school centennial celebrations, there were 31 pupils present from the original class of 1952.
It was decided then that annual class reunions would be held. They have been held over the years at Counties Inn, and latterly, at the Town Mouse Cafe.
Reference is always made to Mr Cedric Metge, their former class teacher, who the class described as outstanding for the two years that they had him.
They said he was a strict disciplinary, with high teaching standards, particularly with the three Rs – reading, writing and arithmetic.
The intervening years have taken their toll, and only five of the original pupils were able to attend the reunion this year.
It was reluctantly agreed that next year will be the last reunion held.
CAPTION: The original upils from the class of 1941 at Pukekohe Primary School. From left: Owen Adams, Hilda Lee (nee Shappi), Owen Reeve, Stuart McPherson, Dorothy Taylor (nee Harper).