Closing Accident and Medical services at Pukekohe

In a statement issued via the Pukekohe Family Health Centre website, they have confirmed that the A&E Medical clinic will be closing on West Street on 1 July 2017.

Statement below;

For the last 20 years, PFHC has worked hard to provide an accident and medical service for the Pukekohe community. Unfortunately, we cannot do it anymore. We have tried several ways of keeping the Accident & Medical service going including maximising nurse use, trying to attract new GPs to Pukekohe, negotiating with our PHO and DHB and working with the other Pukekohe practices to provide a roster of GPs from all the practices. At the same time, patient needs and expectations have changed. You’ve told us you need more flexible hours, more time with your GP and nurse. A lot of patients also have more complex and long term conditions that need monitoring and managing to keep them well. We are now at the point where we have to choose to be either a General Practice or an Accident and Medical clinic, we can no longer do both in a safe and timely way.
We’re saddened that our 20 year commitment to an accident and medical services in Franklin is coming to a close. By focusing on and increasing our General Practice services we can provide more appointments, more flexibility and more time with you, our patients.

Why is Pukekohe Accident and Medical closing?
It’s very difficult to recruit new doctors to work in both A&M and General practice and we’ve been losing GPs from the practice who no longer wish to do A&M work. We have tried but cannot get support from other General Practices in the area to provide GP’s to work on a roster. This has caused increasing pressure on our GP’s to provide the A&M service putting our ability to provide a safe, appropriate, accessible General Practice to our enrolled patients at risk. We can do General Practice or A&M, not both.

How will it affect patients?
From July 1 there will be no Accident and Medical services at 10 West St. Pukekohe Family Health Care General Practice will continue.
There will be approximately 100 extra appointments each week available at PFHC for patients enrolled with us and also extended hours from 8am to 7pm Mon to Friday and Saturday morning till 12

Where can people go for accident and medical services?
You can call Pukekohe Family Health Care at any time or use

Takanini Care Accident and Medical
106 Great South Rd. 09 299 7670
8am – 9pm 7 days. No appointment necessary
Counties Medical Accident and Medical
79 – 85 Great South Rd. 09 299 9380
8am – 8pm 7 days. No appointment necessary

When will these changes come into effect?
July 1, 2017