Westpac Helicopter daily missions week ending 03 March 2017
28 March 2017 | 1.04 pm W1 Kaiaua
Crew tasked by Police Maritime to two males in the water. They had taken a dinghy out to dislodge a contiki which had got stuck. In the process of dislodging it, the dinghy overturned. Unfortunately they were not wearing life jackets. The men began waving the red flag attached to the contiki and were spotted by the National Park Ranger who proceeded to call 111. In the meantime, a kayaker paddled out to them and stayed with them, waiting for us to arrive. Our crew left base at 1.04 pm and were overhead at 1.21pm. Intensive Care Paramedic, Stefan Gabor, prepared for a winch rescue of both males. After jumping in the water and swimming towards the patients, a small boat arrived on the scene. The winch was then cancelled and the patients and the medic were transported back to shore in the boat, with the crew landing to offer assistance. The men were not transported to hospital, as they were not injured.
29 March 2017 | 3.59pm W1 Cornwallis
Crew tasked to Cornwallis for reports of two people in the water. Stood down overhead by Police Maritime due to Waiuku Coastguard arriving on scene.
31 March 2017 | 4.41pm W1 Port Waikato
Crew tasked by Maritime Police to Port Waikato for two persons in the water after tipping out of a kayak. Police Eagle also tasked. On arrival at the scene, W1 crew set up for a winch extract of the two persons found hip deep in water. Eagle landed nearby and was observed to have one crew member walk to the persons and escort both to land. Nil transport required.
1 April 2017 | 3.10pm W1 Kariotahi
Crew tasked by Police to an overdue boat at Port Waikato. However, were stood down after take-off.