Next generation of pop punk

Meet the next generation of New Zealand’s answer to a pop punk band, The Me-Mes.

Homegrown in Waiuku, these teenagers created a video to accompany a song which was written for fun, in two hours. Little did they know it would turn into local YouTube sensation.

Scott Parker, Kieran Jepson, Rory Maddren and IT guru, Josh Banning-Taylor are all in their last year at Waiuku College, and formed this band about a month ago, after wanting to play music ‘without the stress.’

“We all belong to separate bands for the national Smokefree Rockquest competition, and thought it would be cool to jam together without the pressure of always getting it right,” said bassist and vocalist, Keiran.

All fans of ‘memes’ from social media, the lads decided that their band should be named after it.

“Our song, best friends for never, makes light of the punk and pop rock scene, while describing a ‘love triangle’ between friends, and how not to leave a friend behind,” says guitarist and back up vocals, Scott.

IT Guru, Josh, managed to record and whip up the video in record time, and launched it on their Facebook pages.

“It was really just a joke, and ultimately we wanted to be as cringe-worthy as possible. What did we have to lose?” says Scott.

Over 8700 hits later, and 33,000 views, the Me-Mes are becoming more than just a household name in Waiuku.

What do they think of their new-found fame?

“Well, Scott has always been likeable, but Rory and I are really nobodies, or not part of the popular crew anyway. So it is a bit weird that people are recognising us now,” laughs Keiran.

“It’s cool that people are having a laugh and enjoying what we do. As we really enjoy playing and having a good time,” says Rory, who is back vocalist and rhythm.

They all agree that it is good practice for the upcoming Smokefree Rockquest.

This Thursday, the band will be unveiling their drummer at a lunchtime concert, and The Me-Mes say ‘to expect the unexpected.’

“A huge thank you is needed to Josh, for all his work behind the scenes, and our head boy, Cameron Lamont, for supporting us and making our thumbnails,” says Scott.

“Also, a big thanks to our music teacher and Principal, for allowing us to use the school and equipment. I need to say thanks to my mum for not disowning me as well,” says Keiran.

To watch the video, and for regular updates, visit their Facebook page,

Rory Maddren, Keiran Jepson, Scott Parker, and IT Guru Josh Banning-Taylor (back) make up The Me-Mes.