Letter – Grammar as well as spelling…
I am continually noticing in the printed media that both spelling and grammar seem to be getting neglected these days.
The example in my photo of your article:
The sentence should read 'While the first two spellings of Karioitahi in the article WERE correct…'

This is because it is the spellings (plural) that were correct, not the article (singular).
Do you employ a proof reader?

Regards, Carol
Editors Note: Hi Carol, Thank you for contacting us.
We do not have a proof reader and the majority of proofing is done on a Monday morning by our multi-tasking team, with our print deadline looming over us. 
Unfortunately, some things are bound to be missed. We do our utmost to try to catch mistakes but sometimes the eye reads what the mind thinks is there! We really appreciate your feedback, and for bringing these corrections to our attention, as we can only improve from here.