To say that it was a disappointment to see the small turnout at the public drug and alcohol meeting in Waiuku, is an understatement.
There was such a huge outcry and demand for help on social media from the community, asking for these type of events to be held and prevention advice be available.
This meeting had speakers from all walks of life. From those who drug test employees in the work place, to what the local police have to deal with, and also the local support services available and where to go.
But what was even more inspirational was listening to Peter Thorburn speak.
A former drug addict, he even admitted to cooking meth in Waiuku.
But he didn’t just speak about his experiences. He gave advice, he explained situations and the reasoning behind drug addictions. But most of all, he gave hope and probably only 50 people heard this on Thursday evening, yet hundreds asked for it on Facebook. It is sad that we are all so vocal behind a keyboard, but when those act on the demands and actually want to make a difference in our community, they aren’t supported.
Sergeant Graeme Wood said that ‘you are the community that you tolerate,’ and I think that is pretty self explanatory. See the full story see page 5 of this issue.
On a lighter note, I would like to acknowledge Yana’s one year anniversary with us! To be very honest, we are so blessed to have her in our team.
The way I look at it, she is my Batman, while I am most definitely the Robin in the office!
Thank you Yana, you have no idea just how much we appreciate your dedication to the paper, and the joy you bring to our office.
PS. I took a look at your contract and it looks as though you signed your life to us, so you cannot leave, ever!