Police Patch 28 March 2017

Expect to see more traffic enforcement in the Waiuku area, especially along Awhitu Road.  We have had two fatal crashes out that way recently and some other serious crashes.

A factor in most of these crashes is speed.  Just because the speed limit along some roads maybe 100 km it doesn’t mean you have to do it.  Some of our local roads aren’t designed or suitable for driving at high speeds.

So drive to the conditions, slow down and get to where you’re going safely.  Watch out for our cars and the speed camera as they will be about.

We had a busy time recently dealing with a small group of people who are committing a lot of crime. They have been put before the courts a number of times recently for different offences. But this is working as it has reduced crime around the town. We still need you to report anything that happens and pass on information which helps us target the people that are committing the majority of the crime.

We did execute a search warrant the other week at an address where we located a cannabis grow room. What I would say to those of you who have any rental properties, make sure either yourself or the person that manages the property, carries put regular inspections. It can prevent some nasty surprises.

If you wish to pass on any information contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Cheers Woody