letter – Loss of growing land

With the huge amount of development happening in the Franklin district, consideration needs to be given to the disappearance of prime growing land.

If market garden lands are sold and subdivided for concentrated housing or even lifestyle blocks, where will Auckland’s exploding population get their vegetables, dairy and meat from?

It is one thing to expand but another to make the correct decisions about where subdivisions should go.

In my opinion there are many areas in Franklin that are not so productive as the rich volcanic soils around Bombay, Pukekohe, Tuakau/Onewhero/Pukekawa and some areas around Waiuku. Why not consider the western coastal belt or around the Firth of Thames where it is mainly sandy loam and not as vital to growing? They may be more difficult to work on but the views would be brilliant.

Council representatives are often quoted as saying that the main growing areas will not be affected but there are still subdivisions going in to the west of Pukekohe on some of the best growing land in the area.

I guess there is no ‘magic formula’ but I dislike seeing our prime land growing houses and not our ‘meat and three veg’!

N. Deed, Waiuku

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Ngaire Deed