Calls for further CCTV in Pukekohe

After a violent attack saw a young man assaulted by a group of youths on Friday 17 March, a local mum is calling for an upgrade to CCTV cameras in Pukekohe.

Carol Steel’s son was assaulted by a group of youths in King Street, Pukekohe, in what has been described as an unprovoked attacked. He was punched and kicked to the ground, then repeatedly kicked in the head, face and body.

Police confirmed that they received a call on Friday 17 March alleging that a group of males were fighting on King Street in Pukekohe, and that a 19-year-old male received facial and hand injuries and received medical treatment. However, there is no further comment, as Police are speaking to witnesses and investigations are ongoing.

However, Carol understands that there is no CCTV footage available of the incident to help with the investigation, as the camera in that area is facing the wrong way.

The Post understands that there are nine CCTV cameras in the Pukekohe township, which were established by the old legacy funding from the Franklin District Council.

Carol is now calling for  the community’s support to have the CCTV system in Pukekohe upgraded and more cameras installed.

“My son is very lucky to be here today. The CCTV is a vital tool for the security and safety of the community and our lovely town. Not only would it provide evidence in assaults and hopefully lead to the prosecution of offenders, it would help with vandalism, robberies, shoplifting, truanting and tagging.”

Carol has since made petition to support the Pukekohe Business Association and the Franklin Local Board, who she states have been campaigning to get the CCTV system in Pukekohe upgraded.

“I will be attending the next Franklin Board meeting, to ask that something is done to upgrade our CCTV. Just about every infrastructure in Pukekohe is being upgraded, why is security and safety not a priority?”

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