Good samaritans save swimmer in Port Waikato

At 1.37pm Police received a call to say two swimmers were in trouble in the water at Sunset Beach in Port Waikato.

A 20-year-old man has entered the water and got into trouble and a 20-year-old woman has gone into help him.  However the man was able to make his way back to shore but the woman was swept further out to sea.

A 43-year-old member of the public who was also at the beach saw what was happening and went to assist.

 The good samaritan swam out to the woman in trouble, who was in a lot of trouble and unable to keep herself afloat. 

He has supported her and kept her head above water while waiting for help.   Two male surfers, aged 18 and 19 came to their assistance and bought the pair back to shore on their boards. 

“These good samaritans have initiated, coordinated and performed the rescue and there is no doubt they have saved the woman’s life.  They are legends.” said Sergeant Jonathan Cheeseman.

The female was originally in a critical condition but has since been downgraded to a serious condition.  She was taken to hospital by ambulance.