Onewhero retain Golden Gumboot
For three years in a row, Onewhero Premiers have retained the Golden Gumboot Trophy.
A tournament that has been around for many years, the Golden Gumboot is contested each time Te Kauwhata and Onewhero meet.
Held at home on Saturday 18 March, the Onewhero Premiers came into the game with guns blazing, which saw them scoring within the first five minutes. Te Kauwhata, determined not to come away with a loss like last year, defended strongly. However, their first try was only scored in the second half, after three penalty kicks saw them creep up the scoreboard in the first.
Unfortunately, Te Kauwhata were shut down by Onewhero's defence and once again, Onewhero have retained the trophy for another year, with a 36-19 win over the visitors.