Last week, the Post Newspaper was contacted by a reader who shared concern of local boards in Auckland are spending $27,000 of ratepayers’ money on grants so that residents can ‘get to know their neighbours better.’
We were advised that $200 grants are being offered to 114 residents to host a BBQ for ‘Neighbours Day’. The reader felt that the money could be spent elsewhere, especially when there were ‘so many families struggling to make ends meet on a day to day basis.’ 
However, upon contacting the Franklin Local Board Chair, Angela Fulljames, she advised us that her board would not be offering grants. 
“It is up to individual boards if they wish to support Neighbours Day activities for things they think are important to their community. It would be inappropriate for me to comment any further. The local board does have a local grants programme which provide contestable and community discretionary funding for local community groups and activities including events, environmental projects,  war commemoration projects and school swimming pools for community access.”
Applications for Local Grants close on 7 April.  To find out more and to apply go to