Letter – Karioitahi spelling
One of our keen eyed readers contacted us two weeks ago to let us know that we had three different ways of spelling Karioitahi in our lifeguard story. 
We really appreciated Katie contacting us, as this highlighted the fact that there are two ways of spelling Karioitahi. 
While the first two spellings of Karioitahi in the article was correct, the last one at the end was a typo, and should have been picked up before we went to print. 
The different ways of spelling our local beach and lifeguard service often creates a debate in our office, but here are the meanings below.
When referring to the lifeguards and the old school hall, it is Kariaotahi.
When referring to the beach, it is Karioitahi
It has been said that there is a third variation for the spelling of our beach, which is Kariotahi, but we are not 100 percent sure on that one.
Have you been spelling it wrong all this time? We would like to know – emma@thepost.nz