Future of Blast to the Past in jepoardy
For the last five years, Waiuku has been home to the iconic Blast to the Past event, one of the largest free firework displays in the area.
However, unless sponsorship is found for this event, the Waiuku Business and Development Association will be unable to run it this year.
After the recent overhaul of the town's security camera network, and the installation of 37 CCTV cameras, the WB&DA are unable to subsidise the event this year, which costs the them around $24,000 to host the not for profit event.
"This event attracts thousands people from around and outside the district to enjoy a free fireworks display in a safe environment," says Waiuku Town Manager, Sharlene Druyven.
"Last year, all we asked for was a gold coin donation, which went to the CCTV upgrade.With regards to the investment of the CCTV upgrade, the community and businesses safety has been our priority." 
"We would be extremely disappointed to lose this event, as it is only free fireworks display that we know of in South Auckland. The Franklin Local Board have offered some sponsorship this year, and Sam Wulff from the Waiuku Business Park has offered to sponsor part, as he would be saddened to see this iconic event cancelled. With the ongoing costs of traffic management, St John and a top grade pyrotechnic, it may be possible that this event will either no longer happen or won't be free."
The WB&DA are appealing for sponsorship or ideas from the Franklin community to ensure the continuation of the event. Any further information or ideas can be sent through to waiukutownmanager@gmail.com.
CAPTION: Blast to the Past is one of the largest free fire works display in the area.