Buckland School celebrates 125 years
Buckland School celebrated their 125th anniversary on Friday 17 March.
Past and present students, teachers and school supporters went along for the day which included a range of displays and presentations from the current Buckland School students. 
It was well-received with the students spending the lead up to the event learning about their school, and New Zealand, in the early days. 
Buckland School was established in May 1892 and has seen hundreds of children pass through its gates. 
Neville Jamieson who attended the 75th, 100th and 125th anniversaries spoke on how the times had changed and re-told stories of the memories he had of his primary school. 
Five generations of the Jamieson family have attended Buckland School. 
Speeches were held and a cake was cut, with the oldest Buckland student, Steve Danes, cutting the cake with two of the youngest students.
The school roll has grown from around 40 to nearly 300 students in 2017. 
Caption: Gwen Francis rings the school bell, for the first time. She attended Buckland School in 1929-1936, during the depression.