Waiuku Yacht Club sail to Clarks Beach
By Zoe Allan, Junior Club Captain Waiuku Yacht Club
It was that time of year again when the Waiuku Yacht Club completed their annual sail to Clarks Beach.
Saturday morning brought with it a fair breeze to push the optis along, but not quite enough for the bigger boats. The bigger boats had to resort to alternate ways to get through the needles, there were boats rocking back and forth, people paddling and swimming in attempts to get through. Once past the needles, the breeze picked up and all were able to get a bit of speed on. Some of the sailors smuggled water guns into their boats, so there was a game of cat and mouse being played, trying to avoid getting squirted.
One of the sailors noticed something in the water, sailed over, stuck his hand in and pulled out, much to everyone’s surprise, a snapper! Glenbrook Beach was reached in good time, allowing for a nice lunch in the sun. Before too long the fleet had to head off on the last part of their journey—the tide waits for no man!
The yachts flew down the water to Clarks, passing and admiring the launches at Te toro along the way. Every year, someone will say time and time again, 'Aim for the rocks, because you will never hit them'. Oh contrary, there was a sailor who landed on the rocks, for the first time ever.
After derigging, they pulled out the sea-biscuit and had a bit of fun.
The next morning everyone was up bright and early for the sail back. There wasn’t an awful lot of wind at Clarks, and the adults were getting a bit concerned that the fleet mightn’t get back in time, but the wind reared its head when Glenbrook was reached and Clarks Beach was left in the wake. It was a cold and bitter sail back to Sandspit, with everyone knuckling down and racing home. The coastguard came flying through the needles just as our first sailors entered, speeding past  and heading down to the reserve, giving everyone a bit of a shock.
The trip home was one of the fastest had in a while, taking just over an hour to get back.
On behalf of the sailors that attended and the club, all the parents and kids need to be thanked for another great trip.