As many of you are aware there was a crime spree in Waiuku on the early hours of Sunday Morning last week. There were three burglaries and a number of cars broken into. On Tuesday Police executed a search warrant at a local address, where a 14 year old boy was arrested and will be facing two burglary and two theft charges. It is important to report things that happen as soon as possible because we had to deal with the same boy again on Thursday for other offences that had been committed on Sunday but not reported until later in the week. The same young fella now has three further theft charges, Possession of Cannabis and Offensive Behaviour matters to sort out. Police are still looking into these matters as this boy was not acting alone. I think there is also some parents or caregivers who need to take more responsibility of their children. There are some that know their kids are out and about all night, and seem to think this is okay, but are surprised when the Police show up. It’s too late then.
On Friday Police arrested a 22 year old female for Receiving after she was located leaving an address on a mobility scooter that had been stolen two nights previous. This was a very low thing to do as it left an elderly victim without any transport for a couple of days. Thanks to the member of the public who saw this female riding it around town, followed it to an address and contacted Police. Police have a saying ‘if you see something, do something about it’, which is obviously what this person did enabling us to get it back to the owner. Also now with the changing of seasons and the big wet we have just had, you need to consider slowing down, the roads will be a lot more slippery and your stopping distance will be greatly increased, so slow down before it’s too late
Cheers, Woody