New director joins Waiuku Health Care
Dr Sasha Maxwell is the latest director to join the partnership at Waiuku Health Centre, and the Patumahoe resident is looking forward to the new challenge.
Dr Sasha joined the partnership at the end of last year after the opportunity arose with the sad departure of Dr Mark Eustace who resigned to follow other interests in the local medical sector.
“The timing worked out perfectly, as my children are now old enough to enable me to focus on new challenges.”
Dr Sasha has been based at the Waiuku Health Centre for the last 15 years, and completed her training there when she was a student doctor.
“I knew I would always come back to the community, and to now have joined the partnership is a very exciting opportunity. It is a great placed to work. The staff here are just so supportive, and I couldn’t imagine going else where.”
As a new director, Dr Sasha will now be involved with the management of the centre, in addition to her existing role as a GP.
“It has been a relatively easy progression, but that is because everyone has been so supportive and I am following in the direction of my fellow directors.”
CEO, Dr Richard Potman, says that they are excited to have Sasha join the team.
“Sasha offers a unique fresh perspective with regards to the business, which is very important. We are excited to welcome her on board as a director and look forward to her continued contribution to Waiuku, not only as a GP but now also as a director.”
Doctor Potman explained that the future of the Waiuku Health Centre has huge potential, and that they will be investigating ways to engage with the community more.
“We will be looking for feedback from our community on how we can improve our services. We are currently looking at extending our consultations to after working hours, and will aim to reduce fragmented care. This is where we try to ensure our patients are seen by the same GP for non urgent issues each time, offering holistically the best overall care.”
Dr Potman also stated how they would be looking at ways of better doctor and patient cooperation.
“At the moment, it is very one-sided, and patients need to have a way of being better involved and informed with their health requirements. We now have installed a Patient Portal, which is a new online service that allows you to access your records, from appointments, to ordering repeat prescriptions. I believe that this portal will be a huge asset to medicine going forward.”
Another focus in the near future will be trying to make the centre more approachable for youth.
“We need to make it a more youth friendly practice, and encourage the younger generation to take more care of the health needs. We have introduced a new initiative surrounding mental health. With this topic being so close to home, we currently involved in a pilot project that focuses on those who need help, receive an assessment and guidance straight away.”
“Here at the Waiuku Health Centre, we are really looking forward to engaging with the community, and hearing what our patients have to say.”
CAPTION: Dr Potman, Dr Trikannad, Dr Maxwell, Dr Brown and Dr Toledo