Six weeks and hundreds of frustrated guesses later, the ZM's $50,000 Secret Sound competition was taken out by a Tuakau resident.
The young mum, who had a baby girl just eight weeks ago, was overwhelmed by the win. 

The secret sound has been puzzling the nation for weeks. Clues were dropped at regular intervals to help listeners guess what could be the source of the noise.
The Tuakau resident was the station's final caller for the day last Tuesday, and had nearly given up trying to get through when she correctly guessed the secret sound, which was a car ashtray opening.
The win has been described as 'incredibly deserving' by radio listeners. The young mum said she planned on purchasing a new car, as she was currently using her mum's vehicle to get around.
However, with the win has come inundated requests for loans, especially from people she hasn't even met. For this reason, the Post Newspaper has chosen not to name the winner.