Castaways Resort features on international TV show
Castaways Resort was lucky enough to host the CNN travel show In 24 Hours last month for a 4WD and clay target shooting experience.
The TV show premiered on CNN on 1 March 2017 and repeated until a final screening on 13 March.
The 30 minute episodes follow host James Williams as he experiences a different city for a full day and night. The show is broadcast to more than 281 million households in more than 200 countries.
The CNN crew were blown away by the beauty of Castaways Resort and Karioitahi Beach, with the film shoot taking over five hours because they just couldn’t get enough.
CNN’s James Williams was taken for a 4WD lesson with Colin Burden from Trackwise 4WD, who has just launched his business at Castaways Resort, and a clay target shooting session with Castaways’ clay target shooting legend, Frostie, who has been running the activity at the resort for over 12 years.
Castaways Resort Director, Gavin Shine, says being involved in something like this is such a great opportunity for the resort and the local area.
“We couldn’t have picked a better day to show off this part of Auckland to the world. Hopefully people will see the show and remember it next time they go to book a trip to Auckland.”

ABOVE: Castaways Resort clay target shooting instructor Frostie gives CNN’s James Williams a lesson in shooting.
ABOVE:  CNN’s James Williams Clay target shooting at Castaways Resort with the legendary Frostie.
Above: The CNN Film Crew admiring the picturesque setting of Castaways.