It seems as though I missed most of the weather bomb that hit over the weekend.
My sister, Stephanie and I escaped to the not-so-sunny Hawkes Bay for the annual Horse of the Year show.
2016 was the first time in around eight years that I hadn’t attended, so I was not going to miss out again, even if it was only for three days!
I don’t openly admit that I am part of the horse fraternity. Their reputation isn’t the best at times and there is definitely a reason (or two) why we are called ‘crazy horse people’.
However, there is something to be said about attending the nation’s biggest equine event—the atmosphere is just great! The Hawkes Bay has an amazing abundance of wineries that I am looking forward to sampling more of.
While most of the classes were cancelled on Saturday due to the conditions of the ground, this made for the perfect opportunity to go shopping
So many people were complaining about the weather, but Steph and I couldn’t have been happier.
We were wading through an absolute sea of mud, just to make it to each trade stand, but as long as we had dry feet, and a good cup of coffee, it was a perfect weekend away!
I also went float/truck hopping, and managed to catch up with quite a few friends who were competing. I also invaded the Horse and Pony Magazine tent to see my former colleagues—that was a well over due catch up for sure!
After giving up riding a year ago, I’ll admit that this fleeting visit has made me want to get back into the saddle again. I even bought some new boots while I was down there! But I do think it is wishful thinking for now.
A massive congratulations to all our local riders who competed in such trying conditions. I guess that is one reason why we are called crazy horse people—we ride no matter the weather!