Franklin Family Feuders win new car

A local Pukekohe family, the Wallers, can now enjoy their prize, a brand new car after being the winning family on the recently aired episodes of game show Family Feud.

In tonight’s episode, the family won the ultimate prize, after winning five nights in a row and beating every other family.

The game show sees families answering a range of questions that have been posed to one hundred New Zealander’s. They must choose the most popular answers.

Jon and his wife Nicola, with their daughters 19 year old Bailee and 17 year old Olivia entered the show in January.

“Olivia signed us up secretly,” says Nicola.

However, it’s no longer a secret, as the family received their new Suzuki Swift from Winger Pukekohe today, Thursday 9 March.

“It’s been hard to keep it quiet,” Bailee says, considering the filming took place around seven weeks ago, “Everyone wanted to know how it went, but we couldn’t say.”

Nicola says the experience was enjoyable. “Dai Henwood (the host) was great. We did feel bad for kicking the other families off, they were all lovely,” she says.

While the next family feud for the Wallers won’t be on television, it might be over who gets the keys. “It’s going to be my car,” Nicola says.

They all agree winning the car has been a highlight. “It’s really exciting,” Olivia says.

The girls say being in front of a live audience is more difficult than it looks.

“It’s harder answering on stage than it is watching it at home,” Bailee says. But after the first night, they found it much easier.  “It has been weird watching it back though.”

Winger Pukekohe, who supplied the car to the Wallers say it’s great that it gets to go to a local family.

Three are looking for more families to audition to which the Waller family encourage all families to do.

“Give it a go, it’s a lot of fun.”

The game show airs on weeknights at 5:25pm on Three.

To apply for the next round, go to

The next Auckland auditions will be held in Newmarket on Wednesday 15 March and Wednesday 12 April from 6pm. See online for more details.

“We would do it again if we could,” Nicola says. “It was a great experience.”

Bailee Waller, with mum Nicola and sister Oliva with the new Suzuki Swift they won from Family Feud.