Train timetables to change

Public Transport users be wary that changes to the public transport network are coming. On 12 March a new timetable will be coming out with new departure times.

Some of the changes to the southern line train services include, the departure platform at Britomart changing to Platform 5 (currently platform 3), reduced journey times to Britomart by three minutes, and trains no longer stopping at Westfield station, but will stop at the new Parnell station.

There will also be reduced transfer times at Papakura station. Auckland Transport say the Pukekohe timetable has been formulated to maximise the times when the transfer at Papakura is between platforms 3 and 4, which does not involve crossing the platform. Where a cross platform transfer is required, they say the connection time is long enough for passengers to cross the bridge.

The journey time to Britomart will reduce by three minutes on the Southern line and by one minute to Papakura.

Additional services for buses in and around Auckland city, and several extra train services will be put on by AT to combat ‘March Madness’ when, historically, public transport surges.

Group Manager AT Metro Operations, Brendon Main says, “We know the number of public transport passengers peaks in March as students head back to their studies, schools are in term and lower numbers of people are on leave. Since March last year we’ve worked hard to get more services on some of our busiest routes.”

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