Last week there was an assault incident at Waiuku College. We have spent a lot of time this week interviewing a large number of people involved in this. Two persons have been identified and will be spoken to regarding the incident.
Car crime, that is cars been broken into late at night and some cars being taken, is still occurring. Don’t leave anything of value in vehicles. Lock them at all times. If you have a car alarm, use it.
What we would like to know is where does all the stolen property go. One of the reasons people steal is because they have people that are quite willing to buy or receive obviously stolen property.
These people are called receivers. They are just as bad as the thieves who steal the stuff in the first place because without receivers we wouldn’t have a theft problem.
If you have any information on where stolen property is going or persons who are receiving this property ring us or call into the station or you can ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
In the last few weeks I’ve met quite a few locals on Colombo Road, all for the same reason, they were speeding. As we all know it is 50 km speed limit so there is no excuse for doing in excess of 70 km or in one case 85 km along the road.
I sit in plain view and people still speed along towards me. Sadly it is locals that are doing this. Slow down before something bad happens and I am not talking about the ticket you’ll get if we meet for speeding. Take more care on the roads.