Local businesses come to the aid of emergency services

Last Friday saw three local businesses called to help with emergency services after a truck rolled, trapping the driver.

The truck and trailer carrying onions rolled into a ditch on Attewell Rd in Pukekohe, just after 7pm on Friday 3 March.

The cab was of the truck was so crushed, emergency services were struggling to free him. With very little time to spare, a couple of calls were made to Brian Roberts Towing, Pukekohe Hiab and Rapid Construction, who, after hours, dropped everything to come and assist the crews.

Emergency services were unsure if a crane was needed to lift to the cab. The heavy rescue fire tender used their gear to lift it just enough to get him out. However, it was said that just having them there, ready and waiting, ‘was such a stress relief.’

The driver improved from being critically injured, to a status three upon being freed.

A police spokesperson said the end result was ‘pretty much a miracle.’

“It could have very easily gone either way. But what these local businesses did, now that is amazing. They dropped everything to help come and save a local life. We are so lucky to live in Franklin, where anyone will come and help assist those in trouble within minutes of being called. Even the fire brigade cannot stress enough how much they appreciated their help. They need all the recognition that they deserve.”

However, Dutchie Wijdeven from Brian Roberts Towing said they were just doing ‘what’s normal.’

“The real heroes at the end of the day are our police, fire and ambulance. They do this every day of the week. We were just called and did what we could. Our local emergency services do a tremendous job in the community.”    

At the time of print, investigation is still ongoing into what caused the truck to roll.


Local businesses came to the aid of emergency services last Friday, as a crane was needed to help free a driver trapped in the cab of the truck.