Letter: Auckland Transport corruption and spending needs investigation

 With one of New Zealand’s biggest ever corruption cases being centered around Auckland Transport and some of it’s contractors, Mayor Phil Goff needs to be ordering a thorough investigation into the way Auckland Transport operates and how this organisation is spending public money.

Auckland Transport is the single biggest recipient of ratepayer money and this massive publicly-owned entity ironically has virtually no accountability to the public or elected representatives.

Questions need to be asked about why money is being spent on things like contractors replacing street signs and street lights when there is nothing wrong with them, building pool fences alongside solid walls of buildings neighbouring railway stations and sending train staff all over the city in taxis when they can be using the trains for free.

If Aucklanders are to have confidence in Auckland Transport and how the council manages and spends the ever increasing amount of public money it requires, the Mayor or the Government need to stop sitting silent and order a full investigation and make changes.

R Anderson, Pukekohe