Kid offender spends night at police station
Police in Pukekohe were put in a unique rural policing situation during a night shift several weeks ago.

While they may have been thinking, ‘you’ve goat to be kidding me,’ a post on Counties Manukau Police Facebook page said the offender was apprehended from the town centre and was questioned before being released to go home.

A goat had been seen wandering the streets of Pukekohe around 1:30am. Constable Tom Tran dealt with the situation before it goat out of hand.

A Police spokesperson says Constable Tran managed to herd the goat towards the Pukekohe Police station, trying to get it into the Police compound. The goat was determined to evade Police and ended up hiding in the forecourt of the Gull station across the road from the Police station. Using his stealthiest approach, Constable Tran was able to sneak up on the goat and captured it in the trees at the rear of the Gull forecourt.

Not wanting to leave the goat on its own in a secure cell behind baaars, he placed it in the interview room at the Pukekohe Station while he completed paperwork. The goat climbed the interview table and chair to get a better view out of the room, and even gave a few head butts against the window. After a stern talking to by Constable Tran, who even provided a bowl of milk, the young goat calmed down and waited for his ride with Animal Control.

All was good when the goat left, apart from some small pellets it left behind for Constable Tran to deal with.

It was unknown whether the goat had other associates, but the Constable determined he hadn’t been baaad, it was just kids being kids.


Constable Tom Tran with the young kid.