Last weekend saw a crime spree in the Waiuku Township, with local businesses targeted.
In between 4am and 4.30am on Sunday 5 March, a group of youths smashed the ranch slider to gain access into the Sports Bar at the Waiuku Cosmopolitan Club.
From here, they stole alcohol, and left kegs running which flooded the bar. However, as the young  offenders were known to the Police and Cossie Club, evidence that they left behind at the scene helped catch them.
"They have done this behaviour before, and fortunately left behind some evidence that forensics were able to fingerprint and trace back to one of the offenders. As far as we are aware, they have been caught by the Police," says Waiuku Cossie Club Manager, Katrina Barnett.
'While it is great that they have been caught, we are unfortunately the victims and are left to clean up their mess. They have cost us around $3000 worth of damage."
While there are still some minor details that need fixing, the Sports Bar is back up and trading.
Also in the early hours of Sunday morning, the superette on Kitchener Road, and fruit and vegetable shop on Queen Street, was also believed to have been targeted by thieves. Police are unable to confirm at this time if the two incidents are connected and are currently following leads.
However, they would like to encourage the public to come forward if anyone saw any suspicious activity in the early hours of Sunday morning by phoning Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.