Business Profile: Kristina Smith – Red Shed

As the owner of the Red Shed Palazzo Café, Kristina Smith is becoming a household name in Franklin.

Driven by her passion for horses, Kristina moved to the countryside of Ararimu six years ago, and has loved every minute of it. With her high standards, hard work and dedication, Kristina is the proud owner of a nationally recognised and award winning café—two years running.

She believes being grateful for everything in life is key and Kristina is a really grateful person. Each day Kristina focuses on quality, customer care, good food and great service.

Kristina acknowledges that nothing would be possible without the great people around her. The awards the café has received is due to the dedication hard work and commitment from her staff.

Kristina says, “Thank you to all our clients for their continued support.” | Phone: (09) 294 6687 | Email: