I am a little bit concerned at my sister, Stephanie’s idea of fun. This week she turns 21, and as Daddy Coolio is flying out at some unspeakable time on her actual birthday, we celebrated it on Sunday.

And by celebrate, I mean I was pushed off the Harbour Bridge. Those who know me, understand my absolute fear of heights. I cry every time I go up the Skytower.

But Steph managed to convince all of us to take a ‘leap of faith’ so to speak, instead of having a party.

The trek up to the platform would have to be the worst part of it all – cue the tears as I was climbing the stairs. While I was hoping she would go first, Steph’s poor boyfriend had the honours of the first leap as he was the heaviest (muscle does weigh more than fat, ae Jackson!).

By the time it got to my turn, I had the whole Kim Kardashian ugly cry face going on again (apparently that’s who I look like when I’m being a wuss), and now I wish I had been a bit more brave.

The team at the AJ Hackett Bungy took photos and a video of the whole thing, and I am not smiling in one. Instead, Stephanie, Katie, and my 15yo brother, Sam, made it look easy by doing the ‘Pocahontas jumping off a the waterfall’ pose, and inevitably got great pictures which have been shared all round social media.

I, on the other hand, will not be ‘sharing’ any of these photos any time soon, as I am not ready to face the ridicule from my family and friends of ‘that face’.

It was certainly an emotional weekend, as I said goodbye to the best cat-dog that I could ask for.

Unfortunately, Bob used up her nine lives. She was part of my family. Everyone who met her instantly fell in love, and wanted to take Bob home. It is quite amazing just how big the roles they play without you realising it.

I am now left with a big gaping hole in my heart and life, and am now seriously doubting whether I will own a pet again.