Bomb scare a blast from the past

Last month The Post Newspaper followed a potentially ‘explosive’ story about a suspicious object thought to be a bomb, which was found on a Pukekohe property.

Police at the time assured that there was no threat to the community, but cordoned off Beatty Road at both ends.

The Defence Force bomb squad were called to investigate the item that had been found by road workers on Thursday 26 January.

At the time, neither the Defence Force nor Police could update us on what the ‘suspicious object’ was.

However in the past week, Inspector Mark Rowbottom, from Counties Manukau Police has revealed that the object was a primer for an ordnance bomb (a bomb that has not exploded) which dated back to the World War I era.

“Old war explosives are sometimes found in a lot of different locations within the Counties Manukau South Area,” Inspector Rowbottom says.

He also gave some advice for people if they were to come across an item that looks like a bomb or grenade.

“Leave it where you find it and call Police,” he says. “Public safety is paramount for Police and we will get the New Zealand Defence team in to deal with the item. Please do not bring it into your local Police station.”

“There is always some sort of risk when it comes to old explosives and until the experts have arrived and made things safe we always like to plan for the worst and hope for the best,” he said.