Axemen return to Franklin A&P show

After a year’s hiatus, the Axemen Carnival returned to the Franklin A&P Show, with the Tournament taking place on Sunday 19 February.

A full field of Axemen took to the chopping blocks, with many competing in the standing and underhand events, as well as hard hitting underhand and double handed powersaw events.

Always a crowd pleaser, the tree felling event returned this year, with the response from the audience proving it was an event not to be missed.

However, a highlight from the show was when Jesse Whitehead took the time and effort to carve out chairs with a chainsaw, an art he learnt whilst competing in Canada last year.

Once he finished the demonstration, Jesse gave away the chairs to the youngest members of the crowd. However, upon completing the last chair later in the afternoon, Jesse noticed an elderly gentlemen in the crowd who had been there right from the beginning of the competition.

Jesse felt that Irwin Savage deserved to have the chair and when speaking to him, found out that he was on his first trip to New Zealand from England.

Irwin, who is 79 years old, used to be involved with saws back home, and was completely fascinated by the saws, axes and demonstrations at the competition.

Irwin was even more delighted with the fact that Jesse took the time from the competition to present him with the chair and chat to him about his own experiences with saws.

While Irwin’s first trip to New Zealand was made momentous by the kind gesture, organisers were unsure how as to how he was going to get his chair back to England.

Jesse presents Irwin Savage with his chair