I am quite fascinated about how many talented people there are who are from our community. Yet, so many of them have flown under the radar until we manage to catch them by chance for a chat.
Take Emerson Vincent for example. We came across his results on the internet 15 months ago. Just last week, Yana was able to catch up with him and his dad, Jody, before the talented family fly back to Australia for another round in racing.
I am a little bit in awe, and maybe even intimidated, by this kid.
I think it is because I know for a fact that he could out-drive me any day, and he is only eight years old!
Yet he loves it, and you can clearly see in his face that racing is his passion, completely driven by himself (pun intended).
Then there is Aaron Ewen, the former Tuakau College student who is making his mark on the globe as an alpine skier, and Tash Galvin who has an amazing voice and is hoping to follow in the footsteps of fellow singer/songwriter, Jamie McDell.
Don’t even get me started on Quinn Gardiner-Hall, who is about to set a world record as the youngest runner to ever run a half marathon in Antarctica.
And here I am, struggling to even pull myself out of bed every morning.
I seriously enjoy being able to share these stories with our community.
These talented people would fly under the radar without any recognition, as that is just how humble they are.
I believe they deserve as much recognition as possible for their achievements, and hope that it inspires others to go out and reach their own goals.
As for me, I won’t be running any marathons anytime soon.
However, the thought has been planted, and I’ll maybe start by running a couple of laps when i participate in the Relay for Life in April.