Predator Free Patumahoe

The Whakaupoko Landcare Group has been successful with a video campaign for support of Predator Free Patumahoe Village. Predator Free New Zealand via sponsor Kiwibank have made available up to $5,000 to help start developing a Predator Free Patumahoe Village and surrounding area.

This is great news for the local native wildlife and a great opportunity for the people of Patumahoe Village to lead the way towards the Predator Free 2050 goal. To put the plan into action there is a public meeting at the Patumahoe Junior Rugby Club at 7.00 pm  Monday February 27th. If you are a local and want to make a difference then please come along as success is dependent on local participation.

The initial goal is to start trapping mid to late March in order to head of the move indoors by rats and mice. The ultimate goal is to eventually free the community from rats, mustelids and possums and build up a healthy sustainable population of native birds.

Patumahoe is fortunate to be surrounded by a substantial amount of native bush, especially  Te Ara O Whangamaire and Henry’s Bush which is a natural habitat for birds, bats, wetas and other native fauna. To be successful in this project we need ‘People Power’ from every street in Patumahoe to monitor pests, set and clear traps and undertake bird surveys in order to measure success.

Across Auckland there is much happening. Many of the islands in the Hauraki Gulf are now home to some of our rarest native birds. Kokako are thriving in the Hunuas. Kiwi are also being released there. Let’s start to make it happen in our own back yard.

 All are welcome to attend on 27th February at 7 pm – Patumahoe Junior Rugby Club rooms, John Street, Patumahoe.