CCTV upgrade expanded

Four of the latest CCTV cameras have been installed thanks to a generous donation from the West Franklin Community Trust.

The upgrade connection has seen more businesses and organisations under the safety of the new cameras.

One of these buildings is the Waiuku War Memorial Hall and the adjoining Backstage Theatre.

Barry Gibbon, chairman of the West Franklin Community Trust says he was approached by Sharlene in regards to extending the CCTV installation to the hall which the Trust looks after.

They decided that the safety of the building was paramount, particularly as it had been targeted by vandals in the past.

In 2014, there was an arson attempt on the hall, which caused considerable damage.

With the new CCTV cameras in place, it will help to prevent something like that from happening again.

“It was the logical thing to do. This hall is an important asset to the community. The building will be 100 years old this year,” said Barry.

Sharlene says thank you to the Trust for their significant financial contribution. “We couldn’t have done it without you, or the other trusts, like Waiuku Combined Churches, Grassroots funding and Manukau Heads Lighthouse Trust.”

So far there is a total of 37 cameras throughout the township, which were installed to provide extra safety measures for businesses and organisations.

“There is still the opportunity for more cameras to be installed later on,” Sharlene says.

Already the cameras have proved useful for helping emergency services like the Fire Service and Police, and have helped to stop vandalism and loitering.

West Franklin Community Trust secretary Maurice Brighouse, Waiuku Town Manager Sharlene Druyven, Trust Chairman Barry Gibbon and Andrew Waugh from Cornerstone Security.