Little Goodness opens in Middlemore

What originally began as one store in Waiuku has now become three, with the most recent opening Middlemore Hospital.

Little Goodness was officially opened last Tuesday in the new development of Paataka Place at Middlemore Hospital. It is believed to be the first organic food store inside a hospital in New Zealand.

Paataka Place was established after a staff and patient survey found that people are looking for a greater diversity of food and beverage range, higher quality food and ‘healthy’ food items that offer ‘freshness’ and ‘real’ high quality coffee.

Owner, Stephanie Martin, is extremely excited with the new venture.

“It actually came about when a regular customer of the Goodness Kitchen, who was on the Counties Manukau District Health Board, said we needed something like this in Middlemore. The concept grew from there! While we currently have fresh organic produce for sale, we hope that it will grow to incorporate the Goodness Kitchen over the next couple of months.”

Stephanie is known for having her Goodness Grocer stores in Waiuku and Pukekohe, which stocks natural, organic and as many locally sourced or New Zealand products as possible.

“We really had no intention of opening another store, as we are so busy with the two we have now, but to be able to educate people and provide healthy options is what we are all about, especially to people who need it. To be supported by a government organisation is really saying something about healthy eating and we are very proud to have their backing.”

Stephanie explained that she didn’t realise how limited people were when it came to food options in the hospital until she had to go through with her father.

“In June last year, my father was very unwell, and whilst we were in hospital, we soon realised that there was not many healthy options to choose from. So now we are there! The aim is to set the store up so it can run itself. Then hopefully other district health boards will be interested in adopting the concept.”

However, Stephanie maintains that they wouldn’t be able to reach their goals if it wasn’t for the support of their loyal customers.

“We have been overwhelmed by the kind messages and offers of help. We are just so proud of the community that we come from. While we don’t wish any of our customers to end up in hospital, if you do find yourself up there, please pop in and say hi!” 

Stephanie Martin at the newly opened Little Goodness store at Middlemore Hospital.