Counties calls for more referees
The Counties Manukau Rugby Referees Association (CMRRA) is putting out the call for more referees for the upcoming season.

“It’s a great way to stay fit and involved in rugby. We are catering for all levels, from juniors right through to seniors, and the opportunity is open to both men and women. There is also the chance for players retiring from playing to seamlessly get into refereeing. With the knowledge and experience you bring as a player, there is the opportunity to be fast tracked up the grades reasonably quickly,” says Referee Education Officer, Antony Petrie.

  Meetings are held on Monday nights inside the Referees Association Rooms at EcoLight Stadium (entry through Gate C), with the first one beginning on Monday 20 February from 7.30pm. 

“Not only is refereeing a great way to give back to the sport and community, but you also become part of the refereeing ‘team’, which has a great family culture to it. You learn more about the game, and the laws surrounding it, as well as having fun.”

This year, the CMRRA are implementing First Year classes for new referees that are engaging and interactive with lecture nights also involving guest speakers about different referee topics

 “Our philosophy is that if you can identify the issues and the positives in your own and other’s games, then you are in a better position to rectify any issues and replicate the positives. This is done by getting our ‘pictures’ right in our mind so that when we see something not right whilst in the middle, we can quickly rule on it. So the more you see the right pictures, the more subconscious it becomes.”

For those who are interested in becoming a referee, or as Antony puts it ‘the best seat in the house when it comes to games,’ can contact him on 027 439 0456 or email



Antony Petrie says that becoming part of the refereeing team has a great family culture to it.