Tamara focuses on empowering others

A serious wake up call to change her lifestyle has seen Waiuku’s Tamara Bennett just receive her Master Trainer for Tai Chi for Diabetes and Tai Chi for Energy qualifications.

Tamara’s journey began 18 years ago, when she began practising Tai Chi and qigong after she was diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

“It was a ‘wake up call’ I needed to change my lifestyle for my mind, body and soul. A friend coerced me to attend a ‘Women’s Qigong’ workshop in Auckland. I was very skeptical, but by the end of the day decided I wanted to share this with the world. So I started training to be a Qigong Instructor.”

Tamara has been a qualified Qigong and Tai Chi Instructor since 2004, and currently teach over 20 different programmes. At present, she is currently running 13 local classes in Franklin, from beginners, to intermediate and extended levels.

Tamara has also been an authorised Master Trainer (MT) Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI) since 2012, which allows her to train and empower TCHI instructors from Northland to Southland to be safe and effective at sharing the Tai Chi for Health Institute vision.

In early January this year, Tamara was given the opportunity to train with Dr Paul Lam from Tai Chi for Health institute for two weeks, with 130 people from 12 countries at Macquarie University, Sydney.

“I was able to update my TCHI qualifications in Sydney, gain two new MT qualifications and also complete an intense one-week training of the more advanced and ‘dreaded’ Chen Style 36 forms. Completing the Chen 36 workshop has been a 17 year goal for me, I needed the push and am so pleased that I have achieved my first step with this goal,” said Tamara. The new MT qualification Tai Chi for Energy, is a short set that incorporates Chen Style and can lead to learning the Chen 36 forms.

Tamara has the goal of sharing her experience, knowledge and tools with people so they can help themselves to gain wellness and a supreme quality of life, and says she believes her Master Trainer Tai Chi for Diabetes qualification will allow her to reach that next step.

“I have sometimes felt ineffective in New Zealand, to help people with diabetes make lifestyle changes to prevent and/or manage diabetes. However, as a Master Trainer for this programme, I will now be able to train the right people to be instructors who will be able to reach people in their communities. Chronic diseases are the number one killers in the world, and New Zealand is ranked the highest per-capita for Diabetes. I hope that the Tai Chi for Diabetes programme can offer a tool to help people help themselves to create their own wellness.”

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Tamara Bennett, (left) practising the Chen Style 36 forms with Dr Paul Lam, and Chen 36 forms instructor, Sybil.